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Standard Issue Zine #11
Mother’s Children - That’s Who! (Deranged)

Being in Ottawa, it’s rather difficult to have a completely detached opinion about a band. Regardless of that, it’s no secret in (or outside of) Ottawa how ridiculously great this here LP is. You’re gonna love it - unless you’ve got shit for brains. Do you have shit for brains? You should probably buy this anyway, in that case. In can only aid you in your quest.

A strange fit on Deranged, “That’s Who!” would be sure to make a mark on any label’s discography. This LP would stand out in stack of records, regardless of genre. Besides, one look at the cover art and I’m sure no one will pick this up thinking it’s The Age Of Quarrel 2, or anything. You know what you’re getting into before you have a chance to take the LP out of the jacket, fart and drop the needle.

What you’ll find is full length packed with Canadian power-pop hooks. Note the “Canadian” reference, as it is true: Canada has it’s own trademark power-pop sound. Love it or hate it - it definitely exists, and it’s alive and well on this album. Similar to the debut 45 on Going Gaga, they didn’t complete rid themselves of the glam influence. But, I should clarify what I mean by that, ‘cause that can be heinously misleading: What I mean by glam is, say, Dictators “Bloodbrothers”, rather than Lizzy Borden or some shit. “Bloodbrothers” I think pretty much nails it. A largely punk record, with a mild swagger at times (not unlike “Shakey Sue” on this record).

To throw in another Canadian reference, Mother’s Children have the Nothern-Pikes-in-the-1990s syndrome, ie: 3 lead vocalists. Even so, it doesn’t loose any consistency. “No Touch”, sung by bassist Davey (and written by Tim, the one member of the band who doesn’t get a lead vocal spotlight), might be a personal favourite. Although, this record has the charm that it does due to Ken and Mike’s original spin on an overly covered genre. Good work.

Review of the artwork: If I got high a lot, I’d probably stare at this album cover for extended lengths of time. The basis is simple, yet it’s disgustingly detailed. I’ve never seen a two-colour jacket stand out like this. The dark-orange-y tone grabs you on the exterior, then you get lost in the references included as you look closer. Almost looks like a building from the video game Rampage. Great fucking game! The presentation of this release is second to none. Worth it for the jacket alone. (Steve Adamyk)

And a review of our 7" by CRKO-Zine

Dance To The Rock’n’Roll Band 7“
[Going Gaga/Shang-A-Lang] Dear readers, please believe me: I don’t get money or sexual favors from Canadians in general and especially not from Ottawa-based people for my constant doxologies for bands from that area! It’s a fact, I love all those bands! Another fine discovery are MOTHER’S CHILDREN, featuring members of MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS and STEVE ADAMYK BAND. The title-track is a hot 70ies-inspired
Power pop-Punkrocktune with great melodies. Let the good times roll! And if you are a boy and you still need a girl play the B-side to ladies, they’ll love you for that! The vinyl comes in various colors, I’ve got a green one… (Bernd)

Also, we are Record of the Month at the Mod Pop Punk Archives!

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