From the upcoming OX Fanzine:

If you´ve listened to the 7" on Going Gaga Records you already should have known what to expect and keeping in mind that they´ve just been on the road with PAUL COLLINS BEAT even the unaware should know where this platter is going to. Fantastic Powerpop / Punkrock which definitely makes it clear, that the roots of Punkrock in the U.K. are Protopunk, Pubrock and Glam bands like EDDY & THE HOTRODS, 101ERS, THE JOOK, IRON VIRGIN or the HOLLYWOOD BRATS but that can also take the turn back to the bands of the British Invasion like THE KINKS or the early ROLLING STONES but not only this. If not all this would be enough this platter also makes fun like the first one of TEENAGE HEAD. What makes the difference between the MOTHER´S CHILDREN and other bands within this genre is that "That´s who" could easily also be a record coming directly from the Seventies and if you´re honest to yourself even most bands from that period couldn´t make such a strong and inspiring effort on full distance. Whatever it is that makes it possible that the row of at least great if not fantastic bands from Ottawa doesn´t seem to end, counting on me it could go on and on and on.

A review of an Ottawa gig by Dave Champion. Here's our portion:
Up next was Ottawa's own Mother's Children. To quote my buddy, Phil Smith (aka Arm of the Paranoid Squirrel podcast) "I dare you to listen to these guys and not walk away humming a song or two." He's right as tracks like "What'll happen to all the girls?" and "Don't Tell Mom" attest. But what's different about this current crop of rock n' roll bands is that not only can they play catchy tunes but they're fun. To quote one of the band:

"People just wanna go out have fun, listen to exciting, unpretentious bands who know their rock n' roll roots and don't get all caught up in current music fads."

For an old fart like me that sentiment is critical. But don't take my word for it because watching their set, and digging it, was Paul Collins himself. I can't think of better praise than having the guy you're opening for checking you out.

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