"More sweet, sweet rock and roll from the power-duo that brought us the SICK FITS. High energy pop-punk with glam and flash and straight up rock guitars. Fun and incredibly danceable, this album makes me love these guys that much more than I already did. Think T-Rex, the Boys, the Sweet and a touch of early Rolling Stones all putting on a massive dance party for all the girls. A touch of glitter, distorted bass, and fast tight punk drums. Bad boys singing sweetheart songs. "I Wanna Be Your Friend" is sing-a-long perfection and , like much of what MOTHER'S CHILDREN do so goddamn cute and sweet, you'll find yourself grinning and tapping your toes no matter what your into. "No Touch" and "Squeeze" feature Davey (MALE NURSE, MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS, QUEBEXICO, STEVE ADAMYK BAND and more) on lead vocals, singing drummer Tim's songs. Although they fit nice and snug into this album they have their own unique flavour that contribute wonderfully to this tasty roller coaster of fun. Slightly more emotional and power-pop, as opposed to to fun-time rock and roll, they compliment the shake-it groove of the other songs perfectly making this album a whole experience as opposed to just a collection of whatever-the-hell-we've-been-playing-lately. Unfortunately my copy of this record got stuck in the mail so I didn't get to review the album art which looks like you'd want to look at it a lot from in the teeny photos I found online. Their myspace has a music video for "What'll Happen to all the Girls" that beats anything else I've seen in a long time. Go watch it!"

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