Whatta JAM! No wonder he re-did it after THE JOOK's version. Should've been the anthem of a generation.

I'm going "crazy" try to learn the chords for this, I can't figure out the second note in the chorus. Is it just B? it seems slightly off when I do it. I wanna be able to play this song whenever I go up to my room and I slam the door.


Anonymous said...

wassup kenny its matty from marvelous darlings. the chord he uses is G# minor. and then F# minor. 11 and 9 if you dont know notes. ha. sick song.also some of that irish shit you posted was ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

speaking of good chord changes the pre chorus(or what i call a pre chorus) of bad side of town is the shit. cool song. lookinforwardto hearin the LP

K.J. said...

word up!!! thanks matty!