Mother's Children "Dance To The Rock'n'Roll Band" 7"

True single from this Ottawa glam-pop outfit. I'm torn as to whether Mother's Children is a cool name or not. I think I like it. "Dance to the..." is definitely a choice A-Side. Total handclap glam with some good and sticky guitar hooks, simple yet emotive lyrics, bell-bottom drumming, a little bit of platform shoe swagger. A song that's probably been written a million times, but they still do it quite a bit of justice. As good as some Apache material, but sans the doobage. Sadly, they flop on the B-Side, which just sounds like bad (Canadian) power-pop. Shame. If they could've pulled a killer flipside off I was ready to drop a Thundermug reference on them, but I'm putting that one back in the holster. Shit! Still, I can't deny that A-Side is really choice.(RK)

I would've expected a much worse review from Terminal Boredom, I guess I'm pretty stoked on this so-so one.

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