Bluesfest was OK! We got to play a huge venue where we've never even gone to see a show. Unfortunately the show was $25, so not too many of our friends could afford to go, but the 400+ venue still managed to be totally full. We opened for a commercial rock band called Wintersleep, who were nice and courteous enough, and the obvious fan faves of the night....

This is the best review we could've hoped for considering the circumstances:

The opening band was called Mother's Children and they were a good band, or at least they sounded pretty good as I don’t believe they used the PA but rather some extremely loud VOX amps so things were sometimes a bit murky. However, stopping by their MySpace today clarified that they are indeed very good. They also had a great vibe on stage and kept the energy level up in the crowd leading up to Wintersleep.

Here's what one moron had to say about us:

Wintersleep was GREAT last night as usual. It was at Captial Music Hall which is a great intimate venue . They blew the crowd away.

The opening band.... wow, not so much. It was Mother's Children and they were probably the WORST band I've seen all year long. They were terrible but were running around on stage like they were the greatest thing to happen to rock in decades. I had to console FH b/c he would give his right arm to open for Wintersleep and his band would have blown these douchebags out of the water.

This girl, who we will simply call Whore Mouth, is the wife of a guy from the band Rebel Year. I listened to Rebel Year and they probably would've been a better choice for this particular show, but we don't care too much about that.

This educated bashing has just earned Whore Mouth her place atop the Mother's Children Black List! Hopefully we'll see our new friend Laura... oops, Whore Mouth, at the next show!