Photo courtesy of Emmanuel

We're still reeling from one of the best Saturday Nights of the Summer!

What started out as an innocent Birthday Party/House Show hosted by Davey and MOTHER'S CHILDREN for our pals Steve and Ian, quickly turned into total mindbending rock'n'roll savagery, thanks to impromptu appearances from Montreal's WALNUT KIDS, Toronto's TEENANGER and an army of Tambourinists! All the bands played amazing sets, and everyone lost their minds!

Thanks to everyone who showed up, brought food, brought booze (and gave it to us), partied down, burned effigies, and special thanks to the bands and house tennants!

MOTHER'S CHILDREN will be playing our first out of town show in Montreal with our bros the WALNUT KIDS and WHITE WIRES on September 27th. Check back for more info!

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